As if in a dream I drifted at sea

by Daniel Gadd

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recorded in kalk bay, cape town


released November 17, 2017

thanks to Oli Weder for assistance with production and for letting me sleep on his couch when it's too late to catch a bus home

mastered by Gunnar Backman

album art by Callen Jefferson


all rights reserved



Daniel Gadd London, UK

Singer and songwriter from Cape Town. Based in London, UK.

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Track Name: Siri Linn
I had a hard-up winter.
Wind blew my home away.
Lost my belongings to the river,
Lost all my memories to the rain.
Reached out for something to cling to
But nothing stuck around for too long.
Tree trunks and mountains they were drifting,
So I let the water move me on.

Nowadays I’m a sailor.
I navigate the night.
I’m looking for a star I can believe in
While the moon keeps on slipping out of sight.
You said that I was a dreamer.
Well we both know that ain’t quite true.
My thoughts they are locked in fixed positions
And my heart is forever fixed on you.

She’s gone again.
She fades
Out and in.
Siri Linn.

Set out for the sunshine
When the wind blew the flood away.
Found myself walking in the desert
When the night-time turned into day.
I heard a coyote calling
As if to say, hey man let’s go.
And I left my ship in the sand a’ sinking
And I headed on down that dusty road.

Nowadays I’m a stranger.
I ain’t even got a name.
In a crowd of a thousand changing faces
Mine always stayed just the same.
You said that I was familiar
And you waited for us to be alone
Then you wrapped your arms around me tightly
And I knew I was never going home.

She’s gone again.
She fades
Out and in.
Siri Linn.
Track Name: Some Time Ago (On a Cold Winter Night)
Some time ago on a cold winter night
I sat and I gazed out to sea.
I saw a young girl in the mouth of a wave
And I heard a voice calling to me.

I threw myself in, I scarce felt the cold
As I struggled and kicked against the tide
And just as my strength was certain to fail
I felt a warm hand at my side.

Her eyes were a green that shone with the water.
Her hair was all silver and flowed with the moon.
With a smile so lonesome and a face so pale
Gently she sang a sorrowful tune.

Into my ears she whispered her song.
I can’t remember the words.
With the softest of lips, she gave me a kiss
And I became lost in her verse.


As if in a dream I drifted at sea.
The hours and the minutes drifted too.
I woke up aching on a beach of black stones
And I lay there the whole morning through.

Now a long time has passed but I still return
To that ocean-side rock where I saw her.
There’s some folks who say that she carries men down
Into the depths of the water.

There’s some folks who say that she’ll drag a man down
Well I say to free him is far crueller.
Track Name: Rolling On
There are two kinds of man
Living in my brain.
Neither one feels quite at home.
One’s got too much to say.
The other’s got no backbone.
Just rolling through.
Wearing thin
And feeling blue.
What more can I do?

Down to a sunless sea,
Just beneath the surface.
Like a gull on an ocean breeze
No direction and no purpose.
Stretched on the horizon
Like a leaning tree,
Holding ground
While blown around by a wind
That can neither feel nor see.


Just when you think you’re still
You realise you're traveling.
At the foot of an endless hill
With a thousand trails unraveling.
I’m rolling on.
Floating free,
Completely gone.
Soon I won’t belong to anyone.
Track Name: Sleep Turns Her Face
Well my eyes, they’re burning
But my thoughts are cold
And Sleep, she is turning her face from mine.
And my whole body’s aching
Like it’s missing something
And there’s less I’m remembering
More and more every day.

You always were saying
That you didn’t want nothing
Too strong or too serious
To get in your way.
But still you kept calling
And in my arms softly sleeping.
I fell asleep to you breathing
And I dreamed of you.

Sometimes I wonder,
Altogether too often,
If the right combination
Of words was there.
And if I could have grabbed them
And handed them to you,
Would you have decided
It was worth it to care?

The morning you flew out
You smiled like the first night
Then you turned and you left
Without looking back.
But I watched you walking
With your oversized suitcase
And I thought well, she’s gone now
But I was wrong about that.
Track Name: The Trail I'm Tracking
I’ve been a long time looking
For a light out to the East
I heard it cuts through shadow like a blade.
But every now and then
I have to start again.
‘Cause the trail I’m tracking tends to fade.

I used to be a bird
Brothers at my side
But flying in formation’s just a masquerade.
So now I’m on the ground
And I’ve been a rambling ‘round.
‘Cause the trail I’m tracking tends to fade.

For a while I was tied up
Down in the lion’s den
But the ropes around my legs grew worn and frayed.
So I left that place behind,
I've got someplace new to find
But the trail I’m tracking tends to fade.


I dreamed that I was old,
Washed up on some shore
And way off in the distance children played.
And my ship has long been lost
Swallowed by the sea
And the trail I’m tracking tends to fade.

When I finally reached the East
The light had moved along
And I never felt so lonesome or betrayed.
But every now and then
I have to start again
‘Cause the trail I’m tracking tends to fade.
Track Name: Just Like the Road
Well it’s just like the road
To open up one day,
Throw some person in your way
And leave you both alone.

And it’s just like the road
To completely disappear
While you let someone get near
Enough to sink into your bones


When your thoughts run clear
Like water in a stream.
When the sun pours down like rain
And when the rain just doesn’t come.

Ain’t it just like the road
To reappear right in your stream.
Send ripples through your dream
Until it’s all just gone.

Ain’t it just like the road
To teach you how to love,
Teach you how to cry,
Teach you how to say goodbye.
Track Name: So Long Old Friend
So long
Old friend.
I never notice you’re gone.
Still you always come
When I call.

I heard
That you got lost in the woods.
Made a home in the trees
And blew out with the wind.
Where did you go
Old friend?


So long
Old friend.
I know you’re always around.
I see you best from the ground,
Looking up.

Tell me,
If I’ve never been to the ocean,
Why do I dream of the waves
Over and over again?
Where have you been
Old friend?
Track Name: Someways Down a Highway
I was someways down a highway
When my thoughts turned to a song
That an old lover sang me
When I was weak and she was strong.
God I wish I could remember
The way her lips moved when she sang.
But I’m gone…
Long gone.
And I won’t see her again.

Now a man has nothing.
Never does, never will.
Can’t hold on when he’s moving.
Can’t let go when he’s still.
And I’m stuck here just spinning
Like the wheels on a train.
And I’m gone…
Long gone.
And I won’t be back again.

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